Posted by: akjournalist | December 2, 2007


Amazon's Kindle e-book reader

(Photo of Kindle from

I found this incredible new gadget from called a Kindle.It’s listed as electronic book reader but its really much more than that.

The device connects to the Internet using the same technology
as new high-tech cell phones and it takes about one minute to
download a book. I think this may be the proverbial “wave of the future” and may serve as a replacement for the printed books we normally read today. It would be convenient from a student’s perspective to just carry a device such as the Kindle instead of a load of books. When a new semester begins you could just log on to a website and download all your books for the semester in just a few minutes. It might sound a little crazy but so did email 20 years ago.

You can choose from over 90 thousand titles and also read daily newspapers from all over the world.

According to this report Amazon sold out of the Kindle in less than six hours.



  1. Hasn’t something similar to this been done before? Portable reading devices were not successful before and I don’t think the Kindle will be any different.

    Reading off a screen is never the same as reading a hard copy. The Kindle is basically a $400 bookshelf. If this device becomes a success, then the world must come up with another phrase for a “page turner.”

  2. If you read about what the Kindle really does and the features I think you’ll see that it’s much more than a book storage device.

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