Posted by: akjournalist | November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday

Here’s a news flash I saw on Yahoo this morning. According to this Pulitzer Prize candidate article, “Only 1 in 5 professionals plan to shop online while at work during the holiday season, according to a recent survey.” I have another astounding revelation for them, 4 out of those 5 were probably lying.

Cyber Monday is supposedly the biggest online shopping day of the year because people can shop at work using their computers. The term has been refuted and possibly today is more of a kickoff day to increased online shopping for the Christmas holiday season.



  1. I, for one, would never use a university computer to do something like shop or send silly messages to friends or students…

  2. What’s stopping all these people from shopping on the internet at home? I mean, there are some people who don’t have home computers, like cabin-dwellers, but don’t most people who work on computers seem like the type of person who would have one at home? or are they just glad to take a ‘break’ from work as soon as they get there.

    I think I did buy concert tickets online at work once… but I was answering phones and greeting guests… so when the phones don’t ring and people don’t visit… I had a lot of time on my hands.

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