Posted by: akjournalist | November 12, 2007

Searching for a Video Recorder

After the kid’s audio sample from my last blog, I have received numerous requests to add video recordings of family activities, from grandparents, so I’m searching for a video device of some kind.

My first stop when trying to educate myself about new, at least new to me, electronic devices is Wikipedia.

This is the one I’m leaning toward toward, any suggestions?I had no idea there is such a selection available. The prices are a little better than I expected.



  1. have you considered the “iflip”?

  2. Are you serious? I flip for the “iflip.” Actually I don’t know what it is. I’ll try to find it. You know there’s this really cool class at UAF where they teach you how to blog and put links in your text and stuff. Oh, never mind. (just kidding)

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