Posted by: akjournalist | November 4, 2007

Sunday Showdown-Patriots vs. Colts

Sportswriters and fans alike are calling Sunday’s football game, between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts, the Game of the Century. A lot of people consider this match-up to be primarily between the quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. I believe the contest is more on the coaching level, Bill Belichick vs. Tony Dungy.

Both teams are full of outstanding players and future hall of famers. The real battle is in organizing and directing these guys. Put simply, the team that plays with the most heart will win. Actually I think you could say that about every organized football game ever played. Maybe you could say it about every game in every sport, every battle in every war, every business ever started, every mountain ever climbed. (I think I’m subconsciously trying to gear myself up for the second half of the semester)

Neither team has been defeated this regular season. The Colts have won the last three encounters between the two. Still, I think the Patriots are going to walk away with this one. The Colts have been playing great, consistently moving the ball and stopping their opponents. But there is just something about Belichick’s Patriots this year, something more than scores and statistics.

This time they have the most heart!

Monday Morning UPDATE: I was right!



  1. I agree, that passion can really impact what the outcome is. I heard a lot about this game. My brother bet on the Pariots, and then called me during the time period they were losing. He was not happy. After the game, he called again with a positive attitude. His team won. The Patriots, brought game in the end. It seems they had the most heart in that game. What an honor it would be to win “the Game of the Century.”

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