Posted by: akjournalist | September 26, 2007

A Word of Wisdom

Jenni Carlson vs. Mike Gundy seems to be a hot topic on the net this week. In case you’ve been in a hole or a coma, Gundy, the head football coach at Oklahoma State University, ripped into Carlson a local news reporter during a post-game news conference.

There is raging debate on numerous blog posts about who is right and who is wrong, but I would like to think about this from another angle. Carlson made Gundy very angry because of an article she wrote about a player on Gundy’s team. Gundy waited until his team had just won a tight game against Texas Tech then told Carlson exactly how he felt in front of, like, the whole world, more or less. All Carlson could do at the time was listen to his ranting and raving. I’m sure there’s nothing compared to getting you rear chewed out on national TV.

OK, was the article really worth all that? Could she have not written the article and still been a good reporter? Probably so. Now, will Carlson learn from this or will she try to become another Rosie O’Donnell?

What would you do? Something everyone can be sure of is that we will all have a coach Gundy in our life or maybe several of them. Even if your Gundy is wrong, there is always a lesson hidden in every conflict. (I so seriously just made that up; maybe this blogging thing will turn me into a modern Confucius or Gandhi or something)

I can see that on some cheap karate flick, now remember grasshopper; Cary say, “There is always a lesson hidden in every conflict.”

I really started this out to be semi-serious, but I’m a little miffed that Carlson hasn’t responded to my friend request on her MySpace yet.


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