Posted by: akjournalist | September 24, 2007

Virginia Tech Blogger

Part of the weekly reading assignment for my Pods, Blogs and New Media class included Robin Hamman’s blog about some of the mass media member’s behavior during the Virginia Tech murders.

A Student, Paul (?), at VT made a blog post concerning the attack and several reporters left messages urging him to contact them for an interview. After Hamman witnessed these attempts he refrained from trying to contact “Paul.”

I have witnessed members of the media being complete idiots, during really hot newsworthy events such as police shootings and the like, but these guys weren’t all that bad. Besides, if someone posts something on the web they shouldn’t be surprised if someone else wants to verify that the post is true. 



  1. I absolutely agree. I read that article too, and I did not think the press was overly awful about it. Even if they were, it is the media’s job to gather as much information as they can. If he wanted to keep it private, he should have sent out a mass email or something to his family and friends. But, instead he made the choice to post it on a public blog. You, know it is like Myspace. If you don’t have your account set to private anyone can look at it. Including your employers, your parents and your teachers. You have the option to keep things private. Maybe next time he will.

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