Posted by: akjournalist | September 23, 2007

Great pants!

Maybe I’m just behind the current fashion trend or maybe it’s not a fashion issue at all and I’m just behind, but I just discovered the coolest pants that I believe ever existed. I found them on Cabela’s website and wore them today for the first time.

It could be that I’ve always liked sweat pants but they are just, well, sweat pants. These new pants are similar to a cross between sweat pants and heavy duty work pants with cargo pockets, a sewn in web belt and a cell phone pocket: sweet!

Impressed as I obviously was with my new pants I ventured into cyberspace to check on another website that might offer a variation of this newly discovered sweat/work pants.

A few years ago I discovered wonderful retail outlet called Duluth Trading Company, think of them as Tool Time meets Carrhart. The clothing items I’ve tried from Duluth Trading Company have been very sturdy in design and construction and, although a little pricey, hold up well in the Fairbanks winter weather extremes.

No sooner than I had began my search on Duluth Trading’s website I was reaching for my visa card, conveniently stored in one of my cargo pockets, so I could order these.


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